Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hospital Hysterics

Unfortunately this Trigeminal Neuralgia is kicking my ass. I had to go back to Beaumont Hospital on Monday night. The pain was unbearable and I briefly lost the vision in my left eye(my TN side)
The pain is still intolerable. The A&E Department is a complete joke. Every trolley us in use, and there are patients lined up in CHAIRS after they are admitted. I spent an ass numbing 28 hours in a chair. Finally at 2 am this morning I got a bed.

I overheard nurses discussing my case and they described it as 'migranes'. I got very angry and lost it. They didnt know what TN is! Hard to believe. However I do recognise that they are doing their best in impossible and often third world conditions.

Our Minister for Health should hang his head in shame. He needs to go. Nobody deserves to be left in a chair for days or even on trollies. There is no privacy, and no dignity. It felt like I was a freak on show. There were people there that were a lot worse than me. Although the nurses try to maintain someones dignity it is often impossible.

I had a MRI yesterday and I have to get another one today. The pain is hitting my pain threshold and I feel that I am loosing grasp on my sanity. Meds aren't working, there is no relief.

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