Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Scans and Needles

This is day 10 in Beaumont and things are pretty much the same. My pain is still hitting my pain threshold and I honestly feel that I want to die. I have these episodes daily and yesterday in particular was an extremely bad day.
Because this pain involves nerves, my doctors don't think that analgesics work. I have to agree. I have taken all almost every painkiller during my time with trigeminal neuralgia , and all they do is make me feel sick and sleepy.

I am to have a nerve block this morning. It's partly for diagnostic purposes and partly for my sanity. The doctors here believe that I have TN, but they also think something else is going on, which is fuckin' fantastic. This involves needles to the neck. I don't mind needles as such, but not a huge fan of them going into my neck. Hopefully I won't have to get any more scans. I have had two MRI's and I don't want anymore. They aren't painful, it's just a body scan, but the noise and vibrating set off my pain to intolerable levels.

The nurses and doctors here are awesome, well mostly. There is one dickhead in particular that gets on my nerves. I am a grown up, fairly intelligent and I have a healthy dose of common sense. This doctor treats me like a half-wit and that pisses me off. He constantly talks over me, refuses to answer my questions and he has this nasty arrogance about him.Thankfully my consultant is quite nice (although I haven't seen him since last week.) Once I got out of the war zone that is A&E I have been treated really well. It is still evident that staff is stretched to breaking point, but they really do try.

Hospitals must have a serious issue with fruit. I have not been offered a single piece if fruit since I was admitted. The food here isn't that bad, but a little fruit would be nice.

I really hope that this nerve block works!! I am trying to imagine a day where I am pain free. Pain has become such a part of my life that I have forgotten what it is like to be normal. I will be devastated if it doesn't work, but positive thoughts!!

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