Saturday, 10 May 2014

Get Stuffed

I have a horrible head cold. It's setting off the trigeminal neuralgia constantly, and it sucks because I never need a reason for my face to explode in pain.

Up until now, I haven't had so much as a  stuffed nose since being diagnosed with TN, which is odd. My mission in life lately is to keep as warm as possible, staying away from wind, breezes and draughts, maybe that is why I haven't been sick all winter.

Having TN is bad enough, but when you add crazy headaches, a sore throat and a stuffed nose into the mix, then it becomes a certain brand of hell. The stuffed nose is driving me crazy, every time I take a breath my face ignites and I can't do anything about it.

Is this what my life is going to be like? I am already afraid of going outside, but now I have to fear the common cold too. As everyone knows there is no cure for the common cold, so I am hoping that if I stay warm, take some cold and flu tablets and drink herbal tea this damn cold will go.

I fell like my freedom is in question. Trigeminal Neuralgia has taken so much away from me already, I don't want to loose anything else. I am afraid of being out in the wind, but with the aid of a scarf it can be done. Now, because of this cold, should I stay inside like a pathetic hermit, or should I get on with life and take every problem as it comes? The pain hits me like bolts of lightening when I am indoors, it happens every few minutes regardless. I may as well live my life.

Having a cold with TN is not fun. The common cold never bothered me before, I would have taken some paracetamol and gotten on with things. Now, it's not so simple. Trigeminal Neuralgia really is pain from hell.

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