Wednesday, 7 May 2014


What would we do without a support system? I know that I would be completely lost, and without hope. I have a terrific family who really look after me.

I have been active in many support groups online and there is one thing that caught my attention. Trigeminal Neuralgia warriors are finding it so difficult to describe the pain to family and friends, and they feel bereft and slightly betrayed.  

Invisible pain, whether it's TN or any other beastly condition, is impossible to describe accurately. As I have stated before, when you see someone with a visible wound, eg a broken leg, it is so easy to empathise with them. When our pain is internal, nobody can possibly understand.

Fellow TN warriors, think back to the wonderful time that you were pain free. Now imagine that your best friend told you they were in chronic and relentless pain. Would you fully understand? I believe that unless you suffer from pain, you cannot appreciate how life changing it can be.

If you also find that family and friends tend to lose their patience, cut them a bit of slack. They love and care about you, they do understand on some level. Part of your loved ones frustration is helplessness. They cannot bear to see you in pain, but they are powerless to stop it.

I always believe that you should surround yourself with good people that care. One great friend is better than ten acquaintances.

So go easy on family and friends. I know for a fact that TN can change people too. I am Queen Bitch some days. I don't mean to be, but it's hard to smile, laugh and be happy when there are demons dancing under my skin.

If there is anyone out there with a story to tell about their wonderful support system, feel free to contact me. I want to compile a section where we can tell our stories to help each other.

Have a low pain day!

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