Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pain and Anger

So I am having the week from hell. It doesn't differ from any other week I guess, but I am becoming weary of it all. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition that has altered my life completely, an not in a positive way. 

I am also becoming aware of all the things that I can't do any more. I used to always focus on what I can do, and banish all the negativity from my mind. I can't do that now. I couldn't go to the cinema this weekend, I can't go to concerts any more, and it's impossible most days for me to leave my house. The inevitable roars of the dinosaurs and the bright flickering lights have stopped me from going to see Jurassic World. I had to leave the Avengers early a month or so ago, I literally couldn't cope with the sensory overload. 

It may seem odd, but loud noises, bright lights (especially strobe lighting) and strong smells, trigger an attack that lasts for days at a time. It's awful, the left side of my face is burning constantly as it is. The burning pain averages at a 8/10 morning, noon and night. Add to that bursts of electric shock and stabbing pain, I often cannot even rate the pain. 

I used to feel sorry for myself, and I was entitled too. Now I am angry. I am so angry that this condition is chipping away at my life with a giant chisel. I am on ridiculous amounts of medications and I am still waiting for the team of consultants to help me. They have acknowledged that my case is possibly the most complicated they have ever seen. Saying that, I have their promises that they are doing the best that they can. 

I couldn't go to Slane this year and there are awesome concerts coming up that I would love to go to. I know for a fact that I can't go, sometimes the noise and lights in a supermarket are too much for me. 

Since when did I become such a delicate human being? It makes me angry and sad at the same time. I am hoping that the Stereotactic Radiosurgery will help me, if not I am willing to try anything else. Well except Acupuncture etc. I wonder if this is normal, do people with chronic pain feel this way? I am battling with increasing insomnia, or painsomnia. It is impossible to sleep whilst in so much pain. It is also a possibility that this is adding to my general bad mood. 

Depression is another thing I can thank this monstrous condition for. I am trying to keep a handle on it, and while I am not a fan of "prayer" or some holistic stuff, I do believe in the power of meditation. Actually writing down how I feel is helping. As I write I can feel some of the tension leaving me, and that is the reason for this blog. 

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  1. The frozen food section at the grocery sends me into horrible pain. Thank God, I don't have to shop. I'm an ATN pain in all three zones, over 300 hits a day with meds on a good day. On year three. Today has been constant pain, I'm on 15 hours.