Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter and Coping

Winter is here for definite and let me tell you it's having some effect on my trigeminal neuralgia pain. 

The wind and cold triggers my TN to unacceptable levels. Last year I could wrap up in a scarf and try to cope with it. Scarves are not so easy to wear at the moment. The material against my face hurts a lot, but the wind and cold is worse. My symptoms seem to be growing and growing. I never minded winter before, but now I hate it. 

I have this condition a year and a half now, and I really admire those who have suffered with TN for years and some have suffered decades! How are they doing it? 

I try and take each day as it comes. Every time I wake up and the pain hits, it's soul destroying. I am also an insomniac. Why is everything worse during the night? Is it the fact that there are fewer distractions to take my mind off the pain for a while? I sleep about three or four hours a night if I am lucky, It's not enough, but napping helps during the day.

My love of the written word has been my ultimate distraction technique. When my vision is dodgy I still try and read as much as I can, although it is difficult. I love music, and although I can't put an earphone into my left ear and I have to keep the volume low it helps. 

I have tried to exercise a little too. I am not able to work at all so I am at home all the time. I hate it, but I am trying to keep going. Exercise sometimes triggers intense pain. I can't understand it. 

The migraine element is really packing a punch. I have to try and sleep propped up on four pillows. If I lie down flat, the pressure in my head and the pain running down my arm is frightening. I am still waiting to see the migraine specialist, and hopefully he can help. If the migraines are controlled, it might help me cope better with the TN. 

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