Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fun and Pains

So today activated my Trigeminal Neuralgia big time and it was my own damn fault. I went on a family day out, well I was persuaded. It was a theme park so it was mostly outdoors, and today it was quite breezy. 
The wind hurt like hell, and I cannot describe how difficult it was to walk casually through there and not scream out in pain. As it is July, I would have looked like a clown wearing a scarf, so I went without. 

I am so sick and tired of letting TN rule and ruin my life. I have been living in fear a year now! How long more of this do I have to take? So today was a big deal for me. 

It was a great day, I saw Emu's, Puma's, Eagles and fricking TIGERS!!! It was awesome, and just seeing those magnificent creatures really helped my mood and I was so grateful for it. 

If I had allowed the TN and the fear and panic that comes with it to keep me at home today, I would have seriously missed out! 

I am in so much pain now, breathing is difficult. I can barely swallow and I know tomorrow will be worse and that is if I can sleep tonight. I have places to be tomorrow so I will have to get on with it. My vision has gotten worse now, and my face is slightly swollen, and as I am female I would like my face to at least look normal tomorrow. Just because I feel like shit, doesn't mean I have to look like it! 

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