Tuesday, 15 April 2014

TN Monster

Trigeminal Neuralgia is an absolute monstrous condition. The pain is refusing to abate, the burning won't cool and as for the stabbing? The pain is inhuman. It's almost like my body has been invaded by a supernatural entity and I am constantly fighting to regain control. That may sound like possession, but believe me it is what it feels like.

It is so easy to loose yourself in the pain, and I have been on the verge of that many times. Simple tasks like washing teeth, brushing hair and applying moisturiser hurts like hell and it starts off these demonic attacks. Everyone with TN knows about these triggers. There are many more, going outside can be overwhelming, especially if there is a breeze, even a light one.

Basics everyday activities can become impossible tasks if you allow them too. There are days when moping around in pj's seems like the only option, and I will honestly say that sometimes the pain gets so bad that getting out of bed can be a challenge.

We cannot let this beat us. It is the hardest possible thing to get out of bed some days, but we must try. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition, it doesn't define us.

One way that I cope is by thinking of these attacks as an invasion I must fight. I am too stubborn to let this monster win and defeat me. I know that Trigeminal Neuralgia will never leave me, but it might go away for a while.

Every time I wear make-up, do my hair and have the courage to leave the house, I take it as a small victory, and everyone with TN should! Today is one of those days. 

TN is a monster, and it can invade our bodies, but it sure as hell can't take our souls.

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