Friday, 11 April 2014

Don't Lose Hope!

The past few days have been really difficult. The pain completely overwhelmed me and I was very down. I felt panic, fear and so much stress that I was afraid for my sanity. The pain attacked frightened me so much I was seriously considering hospital. (And for anyone who knows the about overcrowding in Irish hospitals, this is a last resort). I broke and cried and that made my face burn even more! It was then I knew that I needed to take some deep breaths and try and calm down. It's difficult to think clearly when Trigeminal Neuralgia has you in it's grasp, especially when I was sleep deprived.

I reached out to some terrific support groups and the darkness that had swallowed me up started to wane. I have made some fantastic friends through these support groups and even someone sending a get well message mean so much to me.

When the pain gets intolerable and life feels completely hopeless, reach out. Sometimes finding support from people that KNOW what you are going through helps. I won't mention any names, you guys know who you are and I appreciate the kind words and positive energy so much.

My family are also fantastic, they always listen and do their best to support me. I would be lost without them.

When you suffer from the monster that is Trigeminal Neuralgia, there will be dark days. It's inevitable. My pain is still very bad today, but I'm not as down in the dumps anymore. Worrying about things and stressing out is a serious flaw, and it's something I need to work on to try and prevent anymore days of panic. I don't normally need a trigger for pain, but stress and worry is one of the main ones for me.

Thank goodness I feel a little better, I am hopeful again that I will get some relief soon. My excellent doctor is making arrangements to ensure I get an appointment with a Pain Clinic and he is ordering some more scans and tests for me.

When I sat down to write this post, and I realised how many people have my back, I was astonished and thankful. If you feel alone, think about everyone in your life that are helping you in some way. There are more than you think!

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