Friday, 25 September 2015

Hitting a Nerve

So I had a nerve block done yesterday, and I feel worse than ever!

After the procedure, I woke up my face was on fire, my head felt like it was trapped in a vice and I screamed out with pure agony. I was told not to expect it to work straight away, if it worked at all. I had the nurses shove an oxygen mask on my already throbbing face, which caused electric shocks to bounce around my head. They must have thought I was nuts, but I was in such pain I couldn't speak. 

Sometime later, I calmed down. I suspect I was given something, because my blood pressure was sky high. The tightness in my head lessened a little, and as soon as I could stand, and with the doctor's blessing, I left the hospital. There was no way in hell I was going to stay any longer than necessary. 

During the long drive home I slept a little, the anaesthetic kept knocking me out. I got home and I suspected that the block had failed. On top of my usual nightmarish pain, I felt like I was hit around the head with a crowbar. I could feel some numbness on the top of my head, but this morning it was gone. I am so disappointed, and confused. Why aren't any of the medications or procedures helping me? 

Trigeminal Neuralgia is such a monstrous condition, it's so difficult to treat and there is no cure. I am not giving up though, there HAS to be something the doctors can do! They are the absolute best in their fields and I have faith in them. 

I have been told that there may be a Migraine element to my pain, and until I see that particular specialist (I got an appointment for November,) I won't have any answers. If I suffer from migraine's too, and I really suspect I do, I may finally get some medications that will help both my Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and Migraines. 

Fingers crossed, and perhaps the block will take effect after all. All I have got is hope. 

H - Hold 
O - On
P - Pain
E - Ends 


  1. A field of doctors. Your symptoms are also described by a deep tissue bacterial infection. If so it explains more easily the spread and growth of the pain. Indeed 'autoimmune' suggests the body attacking itself. Seems a bit of a dumb thing . The cause of MS is now widely regarded as being bacterial. Frankly ATN has more in common with MS than inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. Including affecting the eyes (blurry).. stabbing pain/ electric pain is indicative of toxin, and the others I wont get into.

    “What we’re finding out is this toxin seems to have an affinity for a lot of the cells affected in MS, aside from just the blood-brain barrier and myelin producing cells – specifically blood vessels in the retina and meningeal cells.”

    If this is true, the current treatment and medicines would be ineffective. If you have had root canal or wisdom teeth extraction procedures 1 or 2 years before, the clever money is on that as the site of infection

    Keep hope alive x

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