Thursday, 11 September 2014

Trying To Be Positive

I was so freaking angry the other day. Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia is a life sentence, and all that there is every day is pain. Now I am trying to be a little more positive, so here it goes....

I got to see my Neurologist yesterday, well I actually met one of his registrars. She began by asking me stupid questions that were already in my file. I asked her to read through it, I was in too much pain to talk. She took a few minutes, and then she wanted to do an exam. She asked me to do the usual stuff, like smile, frown, blink, raise my arms and legs while she pushed down on them. She was fascinated with my eyes. My right pupil never contracts, it's called a Homes Aides Pupil, and it was the end result of an illness a few years ago. 

She kept shining her light into my eyes, announcing that she can't see any reason why I can't see normally out of my left eye. The light pissed me off, because it set off a terrible attack. She simply stared at me while I cried out, trying to breath and fight it back. After about ten minutes of her just standing there watching me, I motioned for her to continue. 

I got the usual story..."complicated is dangerous....atypical symptoms.....etc" In fairness to her, I don't think she saw a case of Trigeminal Neuralgia before, and she was quite nice. She wasn't condescending and she allowed me time to recover from the attack. 

I am being referred to another specialist that deals with more Atypical cases. Now, I was told this months ago, but I found out today that he was on a month's holiday, so everyone has to wait. He is the only Neurologist in Ireland that has the skills and knowledge for difficult cases. She promised me that she will do her best for me. 

I left the office sore, but a little relieved. There seems to be a plan for me. Some of my meds have been increased, and I am on the fast track to see this "miracle worker." 

I also went to see my GP today, who is awesome. He snorted derisively when he heard the term "complicated case". He said that every single Trigeminal Neuralgia case is complicated. He is continuing to send weekly letters on my behalf and it's a relief that he understands. I also have a wonderful TN family that have been so amazing, and things seem brighter. My pain is still horrendous but I don't feel alone. 

My back is another issue that is annoying me. My GP thinks it's sciatica, and plenty of rest and light exercise with some pain killers will do the trick. He gave me more information in 2 minutes than the idiots in hospital did in 7 hours.

So now I have to wait, try and rest, avoid triggering attacks even though I am in pain all of the time. 

I am a member of a TN group that are working hard to raise awareness, and we are getting there. It's amazing how some understanding, kind words and positivity has given me a much needed boost in confidence, and I feel like I have purpose again. 

Saying goodbye to my old life and embracing my new one is hard, and it's a struggle that I will win. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day is October 7th!!! Please support us by wearing TEAL!! 


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