Friday, 18 July 2014

Extreme Pain Day

Really bad pain at the moment. I was in a terrible state earlier on in the week and yesterday it eased off a little. It was tolerable, but now it is excruciating. Trigeminal Neuralgia truly is my enemy. 

Feeling so lost and down. Nothing I do helps, the medications are worse than useless and it takes so damn long to see a specialist. I have an appointment in two weeks and let me tell you it feels like two years. 

In the middle of my last bad flare up, I went to my GP, and I actually felt sorry for him. There is nothing that he can do but reassure me and monitor my medications. I still feel that I should go and keep him updated. He wanted me to go back to Beaumont, but that is not going to happen if I can help it. That place is a nightmare.

Every movement hurts, its not just my TN pain, but my entire head feels like its going to explode. It is really hard to describe. I have the usual TN pain, which is constant burning, stabbing pain and shocks every couple of minutes. This pain is so much worse (never thought my pain could get worse.) I don't have a headache, but the pressure is extreme. It's like I have been hanging upside down and all the blood has gone to my head. Light doesn't seem to be bothering me, nor sound, but every time I move my head I want to throw up. Maybe this is the Migraine element of my diagnosis rearing its ugly head!!

My vision is still wonky and that is scary. I told my GP of my concerns and he urged me to go back to Beaumont A&E. I can understand where he is coming from, but horror movies can be made about that place. (See earlier posts)

So now I have another sleepless night ahead of me. I am a professional insomniac at this point and it is a pain in the ass. 

Don't know what to do. I have taken the meds, now I am waiting for a miracle.  

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