Monday, 16 June 2014

Bad Vibrations

Oh Monday, here you are again! 

Is that the normal response to what is described as the worst day of the week? Doubtful. When Trigeminal Neuralgia is a fact of life, it often doesn't matter what day it is. 

I can't go out to pubs or nightclubs. Now I could go out and drink coke or 7up, but it's the noise that I can't take. I have noticed it and really has upset me. This rules out concerts and gigs, and that is just not cool. 

I love music, and great music needs to be played LOUD, or not at all. The vibrations set off my pain. That rules out clubs and pubs. Normally I hate the stuff played in nightclubs so that's no great loss, but when all loud music is intolerable, that is soul destroying. I can't put earphones in and get lost in a great song like I used to, in fact I can't put earphones or ear buds near my left ear at all! 

What am I going to do when some of my favourite bands announce concerts, or there is a great gig going on? There is no point logging onto the ticketmaster website, waiting for tickets and the adrenaline of refreshing the page to make sure I am in the queue. The excitement when these tickets come in the door, and the absolute nirvana of having a drink in the bar of a venue, waiting for these fantastic musicians to take the stage. Then when they take to the stage and hammer out the songs that I know and love. The palpitations when I get to see my heroes up close, see them clutch their guitars, grab microphones and belt out their masterpieces. Thanks to Trigeminal Neuralgia, that is all gone for me, and it's not fair. 

It may seem strange that facial pain can stop life like this, and I would have been a sceptic. Vibrations and noise set off my pain, especially loud noises. Even the smoke alarm going off when I burned toast set off an attack that nearly knocked me on my ass. 

Does this affect everyone with TN, or am I in the minority? It would be interesting to know.


  1. U r definitely not in the minority...I can't do ,music...any kind of loud noise...I was like you...listening to my music and drifting I try everything in the world to make the pain stop...nobody understands how bad this is...I can't do anything...and when the pain hits I try not to cry hoping it helps the pain

  2. My 9 month old niece screeched when I was putting her down to walk to her mother. I was in crouching position..toppled backwards onto my tailbone, and immediately went inside the house to recover. Everyone but me thought it was funny. To me it was like 13 heated icepicks were driving into my brain. I know that I am not alone. How do you handle that.

  3. I definitely feel this. I had to sit down and couldn't control my spasms when the music at a concert started.