Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pain Nightmare

Do you know what? Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia is a nightmare. Every moment of my life over the past few weeks has been completely overruled by pain, and the pain levels are becoming too much to bear.

I also have a new symptom which is fucking fantastic. Yep, loosing the vision in my left eye for a few seconds at a time. It is frightening, and I am worried. My doctor insists that if it happens again I am to go STRAIGHT to Beaumont, as there are a variety of things that can also cause it.

Seriously, hospital? Not likely. Does anyone understand the state of the Irish hospitals?

Let me explain.

Sitting in A and E for roughly eight to twelve hours, then I am normally admitted (lucky me). Once admitted, routine blood tests and a variety of other tests are done, and then you are sent to sit on a chair. Yes, you heard me, A CHAIR. Let me tell you, if you have spent the night in excruciating pain, sitting in a chair, a trolley is luxurious. Oh and by the way, this is inside the A and E department, and there is NO PRIVACY either. My last time in hospital, I was in A and E for two days before being sent to a ward. Once I got to a ward, I received excellent care, and my neurology doctors were great. The nurses in the A and E department were great too, but severely understaffed.

So after my experiences I am extremely hesitant to go to the hospital, but if I really feel like something isn't right I will have to.

This is just one more thing to stress about. When you suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and chronic pain, more stress is the last thing that is needed. Stress and worry are major triggers for me, so it is a vicious circle.

I am, at this moment hoping for some pain relief. (Meds still are useless) I have read about remission and I am trying to imagine a few hours without pain. Seems like a dream.

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