Monday, 7 April 2014

Sleep Demons

Will I have another night like last night? Yes, probably. When Trigeminal Neuralgia pain stops me from sleeping, I become a raging bitch. If I'm being honest, I can survive on about four to five hours sleep a night, I'm built that way. But to get NO SLEEP, things get serious.

Sleep is wonderful. It's necessary to keep your mind and body in tip top condition. It allows your body to heal and regenerate after the day's exertions. When that necessary healing power is taken away due to pain, everything seems hopeless.

Anyone with TN, knows that a bad night's sleep is not unusual, and with the cocktail of medications that most of us have to take, sleep is even more necessary. Some meds help you sleep, as in they knock you out! That isn't proper sleep though, and the next morning, I experienced "hangover" like side effects, but without the alcohol induced fun.

Lack of sleep also messes with your head. You become nervous, paranoid and I have even hallucinated. Some things do help me though. If I do an hour on the exercise bike, shower and go straight to bed, I am more inclined to sleep for a few hours. If I read a book, I will stay awake until that book is finished. (It's a flaw, I'm a book addict, so I never start a book at night.)

I have recently started Yoga, and it is truly fantastic. I was sceptical at first, because it seemed like ridiculously expensive stretching, but after watching a beginner DVD and copying some of the easy poses, I was wrecked, and amazingly relaxed. When the session ended and the very flexible lady on my TV screen advised to lie down and focus on breathing, I almost fell asleep.

I neglected my Yoga routine for the past few days and my sleep patterns are ridiculous, so I will try again, and see if it does the trick. Yoga doesn't take away my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain, but it helps me relax, focus on my breathing and it distracts me from the dancing fire ants in my face.

If you are like me and NEED a few hours sleep, try Yoga. Get a DVD, and attempt the so-called easy poses in the comfort of your own home. (I was lucky I did it at home, because I attempted a few poses and fell over, but my dog was my only audience and she doesn't judge.)

Has anyone any tips? Do you have your own sleep demons and what overcomes them?

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